What is Chromatic Confocal Sensor

Chromatic confocal sensor, also called confocal displacement sensor or confocal distance sensor, is a high precision measuring instrument/device. It is widely used to measure displacement, distance, thickness, height, depth, flatness, roughness, profile, radius, porosity, vibration of the objects. It disperses white light to a number of chromatic lights and figures out the displacement data by analyzing the wavelengths of the reflecting chromatic lights.

Confocal Displacement Sensor Working Principle

A beam of white light will be dispersed to different chromatic lights after passing through a hole and a lens. Each light will focus on different position on the optical axis. All lights irradiated on the the surface of the object will reflect back.

Chromatic Confocal Sensor Working Principle

All reflecting lights will reach a spectroscopic component. The lights which are not irradiated on the intersection point of the optical axis and the surface of the object will be led to the periphery of the hole of the spectrum analyzer.

Confocal Distance Sensor Working Principle

Only the light irradiated on the intersection point of the optical axis and the surface of the object can enter the the spectrum analyzer. The displacement from the sensor to the object will be figured out through analyzing the wavelength.

According to the dimensions, measuring ranges, resolutions and measuring angles of our chromatic confocal sensors, we divide our products into different series. There is always a model which will meet your requirement.

Model: ZLS-D8
Resolution: 1~10nm
Spot size: 17~20um
Working distance: 1~9mm

Model: ZLS-D15
Resolution: 1~4nm
Spot size: 3.4~13um
Working distance: 0.6~14.2mm

Model: ZLS-D27
Resolution: 2~100nm
Spot size: 13~50um
Working distance: 1~67.4mm

Model: ZLS-D35
Resolution: 1~200nm
Spot size: 3.4~35um
Working distance: 4.1~110mm

Model: ZLS-D40
Resolution: 1~16nm
Spot size: 8~20um
Working distance: 5.5~46.5mm

Model: ZLS-D65
Resolution: 1~50nm
Spot size: 7~14um
Working distance: 8~76.7mm

Located in Guangdong, China, GERAM ELECTRIC LIMITED is a high-tech enterprise who puts precise optical detection as its main business, specializing in chromatic confocal distance sensor and related applications.

In 2014~2015, our company developed the chromatic confocal prototype.

In 2016~2017, our company launched the first chromatic confocal distance sensor of the world for the prism spectrometer with the linearity of resolution raised up to three times of the traditional sensors and the efficiency for solar energy utilization raised up to two times of the traditional sensors.

In 2017~2018, our company developed the dual-frequency laser interferometer calibration master with the resolution of 1nm and its supporting calibration software. At the same time, we developed the small spot detection instrument and its supporting software as well.

In 2019~present, our company has been continuing to improve the products and build new factories with advanced equipments to expand our production capacity. At present, our products have won number one in the world in several fields.

Chromatic Confocal Sensor Manufacturer
Chromatic Confocal Sensor Supplier
Chromatic Confocal Sensor Company
Chromatic Confocal Sensor Factory
Chromatic Confocal Sensor Provider
Chromatic Confocal Sensor Manufacturer Wholesaler

Our Advantages

1. High resolution: The highest resolution of our chromatic confocal sensor is 1nm. And the resolution is not restricted or limited by the foreign export control scheme.

2. Large measuring angles: For φ82mm models, the largest measuring angle for mirror plane is ± 60° and for non-mirror plane is ± 88°. For φ55mm models, the largest measuring angle for mirror plane is ± 48°. All these values are at the forefront of the world.

3. Small background interference: Our split-channel optic fiber solves the problems that have plagued the industry for decades, reducing the interference by more than 50% compared to traditional optic fiber.

4. Customizable meauring ranges: Our products currently cover 0.1~25mm range, among which 0.05~50mm range can be customized. Minimum diameter: 3.8mm. We provide one-stop solution, SDK compatible with secondary development. We are dedicated to meeting diversified measurement needs at a low application and integration cost.

5. High light intensity: Our prism spectrometer product improves by more than 200% in linearity light energy utilization. In addition, under the same circumstances, a lens with larger caliber collects more light energy.

6. Direct manufacturer & high cost-effetive: with our self-developed technology, we can customize the solution and provide a complete set of products as per customer’s requirement, and we offer extremely low price comparing to other brands.

Chromatic confocal sensors are widely used in a large number of industries of semiconductor, panel, cellphone, automobile, new energy, glass, medicine, metal, and various kinds of precise instruments.

Chromatic Confocal Sensor Applications

Semiconductor silicon wafer, germanium, silicon carbide, gallium nitride, the third generation of semiconductor material thickness, flatness, wafer warping, etching depth, cutting groove depth

Chromatic Confocal Sensor Applications

Phone camera frame, middle frame, card tray, segment gap, step, knife grain, assembly positioning, wall thickness, roughness, flatness, profile and metal hardware and plastic parts

Confocal Displacement Sensor Applications

Glue thickness measurement, glue height measurement, thickness measurement of the droplet, liquid level and transparent coatings

Chromatic Confocal Sensor Applications

3D glass detection, measurement of the ceramic back cover, curved profile of the graphite mould, bending radius and flatness

Confocal Displacement Sensor Applications

Thickness of the battery pole piece, battery plate, film, thin film and paillon (correlation measurement)

Confocal Distance Sensor Applications

Detection of spherical and aspherical lens profile, camera, jewelry, optical parts, and assembly positioning

Confocal Displacement Sensor Applications

Thickness measurement of the silver paste, measurement of the wet film, solar cells, LTCC, etching depth, micro-channel, laser marking/groove depth, component pins coplane and wafer thickness

Confocal Distance Sensor Applications

Chip flatness, bond line height, silver glue, seal glue, component pin coplanar measurement, circuit board dispensing /3D assembly height guidance, chip etching pit groove measurement

Confocal Distance Sensor Applications

Measurement of glass thickness, wall thickness of the glass bottles,
glass/ceramic containers, internal groove of screw nut, inner wall of thread, automotive glass, and windows of high-speed railways, planes and rockets

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What's the working principle of chromatic confocal sensor?

Chromatic confocal sensor uses the principle that white light can be dispersed into a variety of chromatic lights with different wavelengths.

For more details, please refer to our post Chromatic Confocal Sensor Working Principle.

2. What are the advantages of chromatic confocal sensor comparing to laser displacemnet sensor?

Chromatic confocal sensor has following advantages:
1. No shadow areas.
2. Support measuring transparent materials or specular surfaces.
3. Support measuring tilted surface.
4. Small spot size, high resolution.
5. No influence on temperature.

For more details, please refer to Chromatic Confocal Sensor Vs. Laser Displacement Sensor.

3. What can chromatic confocal sensor be used for measuring?

Chromatic confocal sensor can be used for measuring much data of objects, such as displacement, distance, thickness, height, depth, flatness, roughness, profile, radius, porosity, vibration, etc.

4. What will be included in the whole set of your products?

The whole set of our products includes one or multiple chromatic confocal sensors, a controller, a USB cable and a optic fiber cable. To use our products, you still need to use a computer and install our software.

5. How to use your chromatic confocal sensors?

Here is an instruction: How to Use Chromatic Confocal Sensor.

6. How to choose a suitable model as per my needs?

You should choose the chromatic confocal sensor according to its precision, measuring range, spot size, dimension, working distance, etc. Here are some tips: How to Choose a Suitable Chromatic Confocal Sensor.

7. What are the prices of your chromatic confocal sensors?

We have a lot of models with different specifications and prices. Please contact us for prices directly.

8. I'm not in China, can I buy your products?

Of course. You can always buy our chromatic confocal products no matter which country you are from. We are not only a chromatic confocal sensor manufacturer, but also a professional exporter in China.

9. What's the process to buy your products and what's your payment term?

If you are interested in our chromatic confocal sensors, you can send us an inquiry first. We will send you corresponding quotation as your requirement. After we make an agreement, we will send you the formal contract. We will arrange the production after receive your deposit and arrange the shipment after receive your balance.

10. What's the warranty of your chromatic confocal sensors?

We provide 1 year warranty for our chromatic confocal sensors. During the warranty period, we provide free support and maintaining service.

11. I have more questions...

For more questions, you can contact us directly:
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +8618011802260
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